Crime et santé sociale (French Edition)

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Rather, it is a social type program; a form of mental health court like those found in the rest of Canada and in the United States. It was set up for a period of 3 years. The most common criminal charges are:. It is composed of:. Too often, offenders with mental health problems receive sentences that are not adapted to their state of health. Imprisonment does not meet their needs.

By promoting supervision, follow-up work in the community and care that is adapted to the defendant's personal circumstances, the PAJ-SM aims for a long-term reduction in criminalization and recidivism, better public protection, and better community reintegration of defendants suffering from a mental health problem. The PAJ-SM offers continuous monitoring over a variable period of time depending on the individual's needs. Once the municipal court hearings are over, the offender must adhere to a contract that sets out various restrictions according to his or her state, such as:.

The conditions of the PAJ-SM are not imposed in that failure to adhere will not lead to additional charges being laid. It is a form of "moral contract". As the defendant progresses in the program, the contract can be modified; for example, the conditions for release can be softened or the number of appearances before the Court can be reduced.

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If the defendant respects the conditions of the contract, the prosecutor will ask for the charges to be dropped or will recommend a non-custodial sentence. If the defendant does not respect the terms of the contract, he or she must go back to a regular court, where a judge will apply the law more strictly without taking into account the defendant's mental health state. The goal of the study is to:. Bibliography on Th. Jan Dec Crossref Philip Alexander Steiner Jan Cookies Notification This site uses cookies.

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    Criminalité et santé sociale

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