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Burns survives through a handful of poems. We are quick to claim our heroes, not so good at examining what they actually achieved. I have no problem with different versions of a good story, in words, pictures or moving pictures, provided they are done well. It must also encourage an environment which fosters an enthusiasm for books. Six years ago, Little Rock in Arkansas embarked on something similar. I have never addressed a more exuberant audience — at the end of my talk I was mobbed by fourteen-year-olds.

If Kidnapped can generate half this excitement in the city that nourished and inspired its author, EUCL will have done well.

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Is it the right book? Its appeal and its continuing relevance cannot be questioned, and though set in Lon-don it is permeated with Edinburgh. But for Scottish readers Kidnapped is the right choice. It is a vivid tale rooted in Scotland. It is a short novel that takes us on an epic journey by water and land from the door of a manse to the door of a bank, institutions that might be said to bookend Scottish character.

In the process it maps a large chunk of Scotland, topographically, politically and socially. The novel encompasses Lowland and Highland, commerce and exploitation, community and individualism, loyalty and treachery, courage and desperation.

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It is about crossing frontiers and the power of friendship. It is about the differences contained within one small nation, and the need to transcend them.


Above all, it is a captivating story underpinned with irony, skilfully devised and deftly executed. But this project should not be about reading just one book. Whatever pleasure and understanding that experience provides, if it ends with closing the covers of Kidnapped it will not have succeeded. Blood wounds,"Pfeffer, Susan Beth, ". Perfect,"Hopkins, Ellen. The babysitter murders,"Young, Janet Ruth, ".

Salute to Serendipity

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