The Journey Begins A Will Cannon, Bounty Hunter, Western Adventure Novel

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How to start the Shores of Gold Tall Tale

Try not to wander away from your horse between missions if you can help it. It also pays to bond with your mount. The higher your horse bonding level, the further away you can whistle for it. You can also help yourself out by grabbing the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse. Lost your fave fetching cowboy hat in a saloon fight? Fret not. Even an outlaw values style and protection from that beating sun. Turns out, Morgan and Hosea were running cons in Blackwater and seemed pretty content, to the point they were even planning their own robbery, away from the rest of the gang.

Of course, that pesky Dutch ruined everything with the botched Blackwater ferry heist he dragged them both into. Stupid Dutch. Upgrade these, and not only will Arthur be able to fill his pockets with more bullets and snacks before heading out on missions, but camp morale will also improve. Doing so sees the rest of your gang mates instantly start contributing more money to camp. Throwing in a healthy chunk of change after every few missions will ensure you soon have a tidy amassed sum to spend on camp upgrades, and we've got all the details of what's available in our Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp upgrades list.

This can scare off anyone threatening you, clear a saloon, or give a wolf or other animal predator a fright, which can come in handy.

Spoiler-Lite Guide to Tall Tales: Shores of Gold

You should store a cold outfit on your horse for when you visit mountainous regions, which you can do from your clothes trunk at your area of the camp homestead. If you set up a camp in the wilderness, you have a number of options available, but one of them - which you can have access to from fairly early on in the game - is split pointing all your ammo.

It takes a while, as you have to do it on a bullet by bullet basis, but will increase the damage they cause and slow down your Dead Eye drain when in your gun chamber. Don your bandana - found in the bottom left hand section of your items menu - to hide your identity. But Thane sours on the dream when he sees firsthand the horrific tactics the Empire uses to maintain its ironclad rule. Bitter and disillusioned, Thane joins the fledgling Rebellion —putting Ciena in an unbearable position to choose between her loyalty to the Empire and her love for the man she's known since childhood.

Now on opposite sides of the war , will these friends turned foes find a way to be together, or will duty tear them—and the galaxy —apart? It has recently been annexed by the Galactic Empire and many of the planet's inhabitants are making their way to the capitol for an Imperial ceremony celebrating this event. Two children, Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree , are traveling to the ceremony with their families. Ciena's family lives out in the valleys with a group known as the First Wavers who are a simple, hardworking people who are descended from the original colonists of the planet.

They have a very strong code of honor and use very little in the way of technology. Thane's family is part of the second wave of colonists who tend to be more affluent and live in the cities. Second Wavers and Valley Kindred tend to be at odds with each other and don't get along well. Despite their different backgrounds, both children are fascinated with ships and flying. They both notice the same Lambda -class shuttle flying toward the ceremony grounds. It turns out this shuttle is carrying Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin , who officiates the ceremony. While the people of Jelucan look on, both Thane and Ciena sneak away to check out ships.

They separately come upon the shuttle behind a security cordon. They are not alone; a group of older second wave boys see Ciena and begin berating her for being from the valley. Thane, despite being a second waver himself, defends Ciena, engaging the older boys in a fight. Ciena joins him. Before things get out of hand, the fight is interrupted by Tarkin and his entourage.

The boys take off but Thane and Ciena remain behind. Instead of punishing them, Tarkin questions them. Finding out they were merely interested in the ship, he quizzes them and comes to realize the children are bright. He invites them into the shuttle where they continue to impress by identifying the controls.

Shores of Gold Tall Tales Sea of Thieves campaign walkthrough

Tarkin gives them a speech about the glory of serving the Empire and the possibility that one day they themselves could pilot a shuttle or even command a Star Destroyer for the Empire. This sets the two children on a new life's mission: to attend an Imperial Academy and become officers in the Imperial Navy. Five years later, Thane and Ciena have become good friends and flight partners despite their families disliking each other.

They train on Thane's brother's ship, which sits unused since he went off to the academy himself. Over the next few years, the two train together whenever they can, helping one another and continuing to become an inseparable team. When Thane hits his physical limits, Ciena is there to encourage him.

When Ciena struggles in her studies, Thane works with her. All this work pays off and the two of them are assigned to the most prestigious school: the Imperial Academy on Coruscant. They arrive together but are soon separated during indoc. They are assigned rooms and quickly make friends with their new roommates.

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They soon reunite at a reception for new cadets. Along with their new friends, Thane and Ciena excel at the Academy, often competing for first in their classes. As time passes, they continue to be close friends. However, they also begin to notice their feelings for each other are developing into more. Thane notices the grubby valley girl he grew up with has become a very attractive young woman. Ciena has her own feelings for Thane but is confused and conflicted by them. They continue to lead their cohort in performance until a few years into their academy careers. The group is partaking in an exercise where they build laser cannons from spare parts.

Ciena's works well but Thane's fails to power on. The instructor soon discovers it has been sabotaged. Inexplicably, the evidence points to Ciena as the culprit.

Ely Pure Bounty Hunter Adventures - BIG PKS!

Ciena's roommate Jude does her own independent investigation and concludes that Thane sabotaged his own cannon. With insufficient evidence either way, no one is expelled but both of them fail the assignment. This drops them from their top spots in the class. They both approach Jude to continue her investigation into who sabotaged Thane's cannon. She concludes it was the Academy itself.

Politics and corruption in the ranks are to blame. Thane and Ciena get into a huge fight about whether or not they should do anything about it. Thane insists they do, but Ciena's sense of honor and loyalty gets in the way. Thane storms off. Two and a half years pass and the two continue competing, climbing the ranks again to the top of the cohort. However their competition is no longer friendly. They no longer interact socially and drift apart in many ways. Thane begins to become somewhat disenfranchised with the Empire while Ciena becomes even more loyal. They are assigned to different specializations as they approach the end of their time at the Academy, Thane to Elite Flight and Ciena to Command.

This causes them to see each other even less. Despite the distance though, they can't shake the lifelong connection they have.

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